Rare Earth Magnetic Rod & Applications

Rare Earth Magnetic Rod & Applications

Magnetic rods are mainly used to filter iron pins in raw materials; Filter all kinds of fine powder and liquid, iron impurities in semi liquid and other magnetic substances. At present, it is widely used in chemical industry, food, waste recycling, carbon black and other fields.

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What is Magnetic Rod?

The magnetic rod is composed of an internal magnetic core and an external cladding, and the magnetic core is composed of a cylindrical magnetic iron block and a magnetic conducting iron sheet. Mainly used for iron pins in raw materials; It is widely used in chemical industry, food, waste recycling, carbon black and other fields.

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Brief Introduction

A good magnetic rod should be evenly distributed in the space of the magnetic induction line, and the point distribution of the maximum magnetic induction intensity should fill the whole magnetic rod as much as possible, because it is generally placed in the mobile product transmission line, the surface of the magnetic rod should be smooth, the resistance should be small, and there should be no substances harmful to the environment, so as to avoid polluting materials and the environment.

The working environment of magnetic rod determines that it must have certain corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance, and some occasions need strong magnetic induction intensity. Different magnetic induction intensities can be obtained by using magnetic guide plates with different thicknesses. Selecting different magnets determine the maximum magnetic induction strength and temperature resistance of the magnetic rod. Generally, high-performance NdFeB magnetic rod is required to achieve a surface magnetic induction strength of more than 10000 Gauss on a conventional D25 magnetic rod. SmCo Magnet is generally selected for high temperature resistant magnetic rod when the temperature exceeds 150 ℃. However, SmCo Magnet  is not selected for large-diameter magnetic rods because the price of SmCo Magnet is very high.


The surface magnetic induction intensity of the magnetic rod is directly proportional to the minimum particle size that can be adsorbed, but small iron impurities can also cause great influence in battery, pharmaceutical and other fields. Therefore, magnetic rollers with more than 12000 Gauss (D110 - D220) should be selected. Other fields can choose lower ones.


The actual surface magnetic field can reach about 6000 ~ 11000 Gauss, which can also be customized according to the specific requirements of customers. Due to the use of ultra-high coercivity magneto, sealed with silica gel or argon arc welding, and made by special scientific technology.


The pole density of effective iron removal, large contact area and strong magnetic force. The iron removal container can be customized according to user requirements. In the process of magnetic rod contacting with fluid, the internal magnetic energy will be irreversibly lost. When the loss exceeds 30% of the initial strength, the magnetic rod needs to be replaced.


When the magnetic rod is in contact with the fluid, the internal magnetic energy will be irreversibly lost. The loss exceeds 30% of the initial strength or the iron sheet on the surface. When the stainless steel pipe is worn and broken, the magnetic rod needs to be replaced, and the magnetic rod leaking the magnet cannot continue to work. The magnets are generally brittle, and the surface is coated with some oil, which causes great environmental pollution. Domestic magnetic rod manufacturers generally work for 1-2 years under heavy load and 7-8 years under light load. It is mainly used in plastics, food, environmental protection, filtration, chemical industry, electric power, building materials, ceramics, medicine, powder, mining, coal and other industries.

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