Magnetic Tools

Magnetic Tools

Magnetic Tools are specialized instruments that utilize the power of magnets to perform various tasks. These tools are designed to attract and hold magnetic materials securely, allowing for precise and efficient work. There is a wide range of magnetic tools available, including magnetic pick-up tools, magnetic sweepers, magnetic holders, and magnetic trays. These tools are generally used in industries such as construction, automotive, manufacturing, and maintenance. Magnetic tools are valuable for retrieving metal objects from hard-to-reach areas, keeping small metal parts organized, and securing items in place during tasks. They provide convenience, speed, and accuracy in handling magnetic materials or objects. Magnetic tools are essential for professionals who regularly deal with magnetic materials or require reliable assistance in their work.

Honsen Magnetics is a manufacturer of permanent magnetsmagnetic assemblies, magnetic tools, and so on. Our Magnetic Tools are commonly found in the automotive, office, industrial, motorcycle, machinery repair shop, and residential garage.

We have hundreds of magnetic tools with appealing designs and uses. Magnetic Fuel Saver, Magnetic Gas Saver, Magnetic Water Softener, Handle Magnet, Magnetic Sweeper, Magnetic Bulk Lifter, Retrieving and Holding Magnet, Lifting Magnet, Magnetic Pick-up Tools, Welding Magnet, Magnetic Door Catcher, Magnetic Inspection Mirrors, and more items are available here.

We provide a variety of Magnetic Tools, including: 


Magnetic Welding Holder

Convenient tool that uses strong magnets to securely hold metal pieces together during welding, providing stability and allowing for accurate and efficient welding work.

Magnetic Welding Holder

Magnetic Welding Clamp

Magnetic Welding Fixtures

Magnetic Ground Clamp

Magnetic Welding Jig

Magnetic Welding Positioner

Magnetic Tray Holder

Compact and versatile tool with magnetic properties designed to securely hold small metal objects, screws, and other hardware items, providing convenience and organization in various applications.

Magnetic Parts Tray

Magnetic Tool Tray

Magnetic Screw Tray

Magnetic Storage Tray

Magnetic Organizer

Magnetic Pickup Tools

Handy devices equipped with magnetic tips are used for retrieving and lifting metal objects in hard-to-reach areas. Efficient and time-saving tool for mechanics, DIY enthusiasts, and professionals in automotive, construction, and maintenance industries.

Magnetic Retrieval Tool

Magnetic Pick-Up Stick

Magnetic Telescopic Pick-Up Tool

Magnetic Inspection Mirror

Compact hand-held tool featuring a mirror with a magnet. Enables easy visual inspection of inaccessible areas by attaching to magnetic surfaces. Ideal for mechanics, inspectors, and anyone requiring a versatile and convenient inspection tool.

Magnetic Inspection Mirror

Magnetic Reflective Mirror

Magnetic Surveillance Mirror

Magnetic Lifter

Portable device that utilizes magnetism to lift and transport heavy objects with ease. Ideal for industrial and construction applications, the magnetic lifter offers a safe and efficient solution for handling loads up to its maximum capacity.

Magnetic Lifting Device

Electromagnetic Lifter

Permanent Magnetic Lifter

Industrial Magnetic Hoist

Magnetic Sweeper

Compact tool for easily collecting metal debris and fragments from various surfaces. Efficiently sweeps and retrieves magnetic objects, improving safety and cleanliness in workshops, construction sites, and other environments.

Magnetic Debris Sweeper

Magnetic Floor Sweeper

Magnetic Cleaning Tool


Pot Magnets

Strong magnetic discs with threaded holes for easy mounting. Ideal for holding and positioning metal objects, tools, and signage securely. Widely used in industries such as manufacturing, engineering, and automotive.

Pot Magnet

Magnetic Pot

Magnetic Assembly with Threaded Hole

Magnet with Central Hole


Strong magnetic tools for automotive applications. Efficiently holds and positions metal objects, making it easier to work on vehicles. Perfect for DIY enthusiasts and professionals in the automotive industry.

Magnetic Tray for Automotive Use

Magnetic Tool Holder for Automotive

Magnetic Light for Automotive Repair

Retrieve & Pickup

Convenient magnetic tool for pick up and retrieval. Ideal for removing metallic objects in hard-to-reach places. A must-have for homeowners, mechanics, and professionals.

Magnetic Retrieval Tool

Magnetic Pickup Wand

Magnetic Tool Holder

Magnetic Retrieve Stick

Magnetic Reach Tool

Magnetic Sweeper

Lift & Hold

Versatile and secure gripping device that lifts and holds objects firmly in place. Perfect for various tasks, such as woodworking, construction, and organizing. A reliable tool for efficient and hassle-free handling.

Magnetic Lift Tool

Magnetic Holding Tool

Magnetic Gripping Tool

Magnetic Lifting device

Magnetic Hoisting Tool

Home Improvement

Efficient magnetic tools for home improvement. Simplify tasks with strong adhesive force and reliable holding power. Ideal for carpentry, DIY projects, and general repairs. Enhance productivity, convenience, and accuracy with these essential magnetic tools.

Magnetic Stud Finder

Magnetic Screwdriver

Magnetic Wristband

Magnetic Tool Holder


Versatile magnetic hardware for various applications. Boost efficiency with reliable holding power and easy installation. Perfect for carpentry, DIY projects, and repairs. Enhance convenience and accuracy with these essential tools.

Magnetic Catches

Magnetic Suction Cup

Magnetic Clasp

Magnetic Cabinet Locks

Magnetic Curtain Tiebacks

Application of Magnetic Tools

Magnetic tools have a wide range of applications across various industries. In the construction industry, magnetic sweepers are used to remove metal debris from construction sites, ensuring safety and preventing accidents. Magnetic pick-up tools are commonly used in automotive repair shops to retrieve dropped nuts, bolts, and other metal objects from tight spaces. In the manufacturing industry, magnetic holders are utilized to securely hold metal workpieces during drilling, milling, and welding processes. Magnetic trays are widely used in maintenance and assembly work to organize and prevent the loss of small metal parts. Magnetic tools are extensively employed in electrical maintenance and repair, allowing technicians to easily locate and retrieve small metal objects in electrical systems. Magnetic tools enhance efficiency, accuracy, and safety in various industrial applications, making them indispensable tools for professionals across different sectors.

Applicaitons of Magnetic Tools



Honsen Magnetics is a reputable supplier of permanent magnets and magnetic assemblies. With a focus on delivering superior NdFeB magnets, our extensive product range consists of Motor Rotors, Magnetic Couplings, Magnetic Filters, Pot Magnets, and more. Over 80% of our products are exported to various regions including America, Europe, Southeast Asia, and others. Our commitment to providing high-quality magnetic solutions has garnered us a strong presence in international markets.

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At Honsen Magnetics, we have always placed a strong emphasis on the quality of our products since the day we were established. Our unwavering commitment to continually enhancing both our products and production processes ensures that you receive the highest quality products you request. Rest assured that this is not a mere claim, but a daily commitment that we uphold. Our team consists of experienced professionals who excel at every stage of production.

To guarantee excellence in both our products and processes, we employ Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) and Statistical Process Control (SPC) systems. These systems diligently monitor and manage important manufacturing stages, ensuring the highest standards are met. We are dedicated to delivering exceptional products and our determination to continually improve and implement rigorous quality control measures remains steadfast. You can trust in our promise to provide you with the finest products available.

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At Honsen Magnetics, quality management is the core foundation that drives our fabric business. We firmly believe that quality is not just a checkbox on a document but an integral part of our organization's principles. Our Quality Management System is intricately woven into every aspect of our processes, enabling us to deliver products that consistently surpass customer expectations and demonstrate our unwavering commitment to excellence.



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At Honsen Magnetics, we embrace a dual commitment to customer satisfaction and workplace safety that lies at the heart of our company. These values extend beyond our products and permeate every aspect of our organization. We take pride in honoring and celebrating every milestone achieved by our employees, as we believe their growth and development are the key pillars of our long-term success.



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