Engineering Support

Application Engineering

Our engineering team can provide support for your project, from permanent magnet design concept to prototype design, and finally put into production.
To accelerate product development, we provide the following services:

-Permanent magnet design expertise
-Material selection
-Assembly development
-System wide analysis

Contracted project

We provide various contracted engineering services as an extension of our customers' internal engineering resources. Our team of engineers can provide customized engineering support to meet any demand.
To provide customer with cutting-edge solutions, we provide the following services:

-Finite element analysis
-Prototype design
-Testing and verification

Research and development

We actively participate in research and development related to permanent magnet design and solutions.
For research and development and production, we provide the following services:

-Contract research
-Customized composition
-Materials development
-Applications development


Main applications

Permanent Magnets and Magnetic Assemblies manufacturer