Assembling & Packing

The magnet assembly is the special magnet combined with itself or other different materials.

The positioning of magnet has extremely high accuracy requirements and the extremely high force related to a large number of magnetized parts, which makes the assembly of magnet assembly a challenging task. In this process, we use our rich experience in the designing and manufacturing of assembly tools and our proprietary technology in selecting appropriate bonding process to continuously manufacture magnet components with high precision for customers to meet the industrial applications of different customers.

Our professional and powerful technical team, with rich manufacturing experience, full understanding of materials and applications, combined with customer application scenarios, designed accurate and efficient assembly tools, which not only met the very strict technical requirements of customers, but also made an effective contribution to improve production efficiency.

We provide services for permanent magnetic assemblies designing and assembling. Customers can specify permanent magnet materials or just provide materials. We design assembly tools for them and complete the assembling.

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Main applications

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