Sintered Neodymium Magnets

Sintered Neodymium Iron Boron (NdFeB) Magnets

Sintered Neodymium Magnets is currently one of the most widely used Permanent Magnet Materials in commercial use, with extremely high magnetic energy product and magnetic force. Sintered Neodymium Magnets are composed of rare earth magnetic materials such as neodymium, iron, and boron, which have high coercivity. Sintered Neodymium Magnets is a very high energy density product (up to 55MGOe) with high coercivity. Neodymium Iron Boron Magnets are always used to reduce the size of hard disk drives, motors, and audio devices. Its working temperature can range from 80 ° C to 230 ° C, but high-quality Neodymium Magnetic Materials that can operate above 120 ° C can become very expensive.

However, Sintered NdFeB Magnets have low mechanical strength, are prone to brittleness, and are prone to oxidation due to their iron content, resulting in poor corrosion resistance. Electroplated coatings are usually required, such as nickel plating, epoxy resin coating, and polyxylene coating. Sintered Neodymium Magnets have very strong magnetism and are difficult to demagnetize. Sintered Neodymium Magnets have replaced AlNiCo Magnets and Ferrite Magnets in many applications, including different types of motors in computer hard drives such as magnetic head actuators, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), speakers, and headphones. Sintered Neodymium Magnets also have outstanding performance in different application fields.

Shapes of Sintered Neodymium Magnets

Sintered Neodymium Magnets can be manufactured into various shapes to suit different purposes. Some common shapes include:


Block Magnets
Small Disc Magnet with Black Epoxy Coating (1)
Small cylinder Magnet with Everlube coating  (2)

Block / Rectangular: Block Magnets, also named Rectangular Magnets or Squared Magnets, are rectangular in shape and have sharp corners. Block Magnets are commonly used in magnetic separators to separate ferrous materials, magnetic holding devices to securely hold objects in place, and in sophisticated medical devices like magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machines to generate strong and uniform magnetic fields.

Disc: Disc Magnets with their flat and circular design, are extensively utilized in various industries, particularly in the fields of motors and generators. These compact yet powerful magnets offer efficient magnetic force, allowing for optimal performance and functionality in the machines.

Cylinder: Cylinder Magnets, characterized by their elongated and round shape, are widely used for their unique properties. With its long and circular design, it offers enhanced stability and easy handling. Cylinder Magnets can be found in various industries, such as robotics, automotive, and medicine, where their strong magnetic fields play a crucial role in achieving desired outcomes.

Ring Magnets
Arc Magnets
Countersunk Magnets

Ring: Ring Magnets have a circular shape with a hole in the center. Their primary utility lies in powering electromechanical contraptions like speakers, microphones, and electric motors. Thanks to their circular shape, ring magnets can produce a uniform and efficient magnetic field, making them invaluable in these applications.

Arc: Arc Magnets also called Segment Magnets, boast a distinctive curved shape reminiscent of a section of a circle. These magnets are highly sought after in a multitude of applications that necessitate a curved magnetic field. Notably, they find extensive use in magnetic sensors, magnetic couplings, motors, and magnetic switches. Their ability to generate a precise and tailored magnetic field makes them invaluable in these industries.

Countersunk: Countersunk Magnets are powerful magnets that have a conical recess allowing them to be easily embedded or flush-mounted into various materials. They are ideal for applications where a sleek and seamless appearance is desired, such as in cabinetry, signage, or DIY projects. With their strong magnetic pull and convenient design, Countersunk Magnets provide a practical and aesthetically pleasing solution for countless applications.

colorful magnet balls (1)
3M Adhesive Magnets
Custom Magnets

Ball: Ball Magnets, also known as Sphere Magnets, are small spherical objects that possess strong magnetic properties.  Ball Magnets are used in various fields including magnetic therapy, where they are used for pain relief and promoting healing. They are also popular in arts and crafts projects, offering endless possibilities for creative endeavors. Scientists also utilize ball magnets in experiments and research, tapping into their unique magnetic properties.

3M Adhesive: 3M Adhesive Magnets are a convenient magnetic solution. They are made of NdFeB Magnets and come with 3M adhesive tape already applied. With their strong magnetic properties and easy-to-use adhesive, these magnets can be quickly and securely attached to various surfaces. Whether for home, office, or DIY projects, they offer a convenient way to display or organize objects without drilling or other installation methods.

Customized shapes: Sintered Neodymium Magnets can also be manufactured into customized shapes to meet specific requirements for particular applications. It's important to note that the shape of the magnet affects its magnetic properties, so the appropriate shape should be chosen based on the intended application and desired magnetic performance.

Manufacturing Process of Sintered Neodymium Magnets

Sintered Neodymium Magnets are typically manufactured using a powder metallurgy process. Micron-sized neodymium iron boron powder is produced in an inert gas atmosphere and then compacted in steel or copper molds, which produces a shape similar to the final product, known as a Green Body. The magnetic properties of Sintered Neodymium Magnets are generated by applying a magnetic field before or during the pressing process. This applied magnetic field gives the Sintered Neodymium Magnets magnetization direction, and the arrangement of particles produces anisotropic magnetism, greatly enhancing the remanence (Br) and other magnetic characteristics of the finished rare earth magnet. The Green Bodies are then placed in vacuum bags, and these Green Bodies are immersed in oil, with the fluid in the vacuum bags pressing on all sides of the Green Bodies, increasing their density, in a process known as isostatic pressing. After the pressing process of isostatic pressing, the Green Body of Sintered Neodymium Magnets are subjected to sintering and heat treatment until they reach a fully dense state. The Green Bodies are then processed into the final required dimensions, and undergo electroplating, magnetization, and packaging, before being shipped to customers.

The production process of Sintered Neodymium Magnets can be summarized as follows:

1. Materials Preparation 2. Smelting  3. Hydrogen Decrepitation  4. Jet Milling  5. Mold and Isostatic Pressing

6. Sintering  7. Annealing 8. Machining  9. Coating  10. Testing 11. Magnetizing  12. Packing  13. Transportation

Process flow

Surface Treatment of Sintered Neodymium Magnets

Surface treatment of Sintered Neodymium Magnets is an important step in the production process. The purpose of surface treatment is to protect the magnets from corrosion and improve their mechanical and magnetic properties. The common surface treatment method is coating the magnets with a layer of protective material. This can be done through processes such as electroplating, epoxy coating, or nickel-copper-nickel (NiCuNi) plating. These coatings provide a barrier against moisture and other environmental factors, preventing the magnets from oxidizing or corroding.

Surface treatment of Sintered Neodymium Magnets plays a vital role in enhancing the performance and longevity of sintered neodymium magnets. By choosing the appropriate coating and magnetization methods, manufacturers can ensure that the magnets meet the specific requirements of their applications, whether it is in the automotive industry, consumer electronics, or renewable energy technologies.

Coating and Plating Plant

Applications of Sintered Neodymium Magnets

As Sintered Neodymium Magnets are so strong, their uses are versatile. They are produced for both commercial and industrial needs. For example, something as simple as a piece of magnetic jewelry uses a neo to keep the earring in place. At the same time, Sintered Neodymium Magnets are being sent into space to help collect dust from the surface of Mars. Sintered Neodymium Magnets’ dynamic capabilities have even led to them being used in experimental levitation devices. In addition, Sintered Neodymium Magnets are used in such applications as Servo Motors, Magnetic Separators, Magnetic Couplings, Magnetic Rotors,  welding clamps, oil filters, geocaching, mounting tools, costumes, and many more.

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Magnetic Properties of Sintered Neodymium Magnets

Physical Properties of Sintered Neodymium Magnets

Production Flow of Sintered Neodymium Magnets

Coatings and Platings of Sintered Neodymium Magnets

Applications of Sintered Neodymium Magnets


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