Ring Magnets

Ring Magnets

  • Neodymium Ring Magnets Manufacturer

    Neodymium Ring Magnets Manufacturer

    Product Name: Permanent Neodymium Ring Magnet

    Material: Neodymium Magnets / Rare Earth Magnets

    Dimension: Standard or customized

    Coating: Silver, Gold, Zinc, Nickel, Ni-Cu-Ni. Copper etc.

    Shape: Neodymium ring magnet or customized

    Magnetization Direction: Thickness, Length, Axially, Diametre, Radially, Multipolar

  • Halbach Array Magnetic System

    Halbach Array Magnetic System

    Halbach array is a magnet structure, which is an approximate ideal structure in engineering. The goal is to generate the strongest magnetic field with the smallest number of magnets. In 1979, when Klaus Halbach, an American scholar, conducted electron acceleration experiments, he found this special permanent magnet structure, gradually improved this structure, and finally formed the so-called “Halbach” magnet.

  • Neodymium Magnets for Electronics & Electroacoustic

    Neodymium Magnets for Electronics & Electroacoustic

    When the changing current is fed into the sound, the magnet becomes an electromagnet. The current direction changes constantly, and the electromagnet keeps moving back and forth due to the “force movement of the energized wire in the magnetic field”, driving the paper basin to vibrate back and forth. The stereo has sound.

    The magnets on the horn mainly include ferrite magnet and NdFeB magnet. According to the application, NdFeB magnets are widely used in electronic products, such as hard disks, mobile phones, headphones and battery powered tools. The sound is loud.

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